Digitakt as drum machine with OT mk2: worth it?

Hey Everyone,

New Elektron user here. I just got an OT Mk2 and am exploring it. I’m an experienced musician, but this is my first sampler. Before I usually made sound collages using an old Windows laptop, dumping field recordings and samples into 20-30 Winamps opened at the same time. I’m actually still going to do that combined with the Octarak, as well as use it for my song-oriented recordings. But I have plenty of opportunities to play live here in NYC once I get the hang of it and I want to make people dance.

So my question is this: Is there too much overlap with the Digitakt to make it worth purchasing? I want versatility over a specific retro sound. My Alesis SR16 has been with me for over 20 years. I love it and still use it, but it’s limited in terms of what I want to do. I’m going to need a new drum machine at to free up the Octatrak for the projects I want to do. I was also looking at the drum brute. The price doesn’t concern me, I’ll find a way (but I have my limits…I couldn’t pick up a Tempest if I wanted one).

I get a headache looking through videos and forums trying to find out what I want, so I figured I’d ask here.


I think it’s worth it, those extra 8 audio tracks will definitely be useful. Use the DT for drum duties, freeing up the OT tracks for long samples.

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In addition to what starmanwarz said- also use DT for melodical and granular duties(DT is much smoother on looping and has 4 octaves for melody). OT for loop juggling, adding FX to gear(DT) and longer samples/slicing/soundscapes

If you have the budget
Why not get a pair of OT MK2s and a DT? That would be a formidable set up
Thats exactly what i have done

You know what’s even better? Four OT MK2’s and 2 DT’s! :smiley:


Now thats overkill :slight_smile:

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Can I ask what’s doing what? I’m using my second OT as a drum machine right now, considered a digitakt but decided I’d be better off with another OT. I haven’t found myself near needing more free tracks so far

You can find second hand mk1 OTs for about 750€ now,
I would prefer to just add 150€ more on the price of a DT (622€) and get me a second OT unit for a perfect live setup :stuck_out_tongue:

But if choosing a dedicated drum sampler sequencer, that would be more “instinctive” than the OT, DT should be the best one just because of its great elektron audio & MIDI sequencer.

In my case planning 1 x OT2 Live sampling , 1 x OT2 Playback machine with prepared stems both into DJM-T1 mixer with HEAT on the output of mixer
DT is unused , unloved sitting in its cardboard box
see post

Hi @Beek :slight_smile: I suggest getting nothing at all. In a few years, you’ll be writing a post about, how you used to get so much done, back when you were rocking the 30 Winamps (which sounds so cool btw), and now you just sit and marvel, at the sight of all the blinking lights…

And I’m only half kidding.

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Got to admit to being tempted by an OT + DT combo. I enjoyed chromatic mode on the DT a little more - I think it’s sweet reverb probably made the difference here. But I actually agree with @Joebas here. Work with the OT until you definitely hit a wall and make the call then.

A second OT isn’t a bad shout either to be fair but I would encourage keeping the focus for now.

That’s what Im trying to do. Unless, of course, my dream comes true and a MnM does appear at NAMM in which case I will crumble and instant order…

+1 to second OT, although it’s a tough call.
smaller footprint of the DT is a plus, also it sounds really nice with beats, the send fx are better… but the filter and lfo’s have less options - now that the OT has cond triggers (although the menu for it is a bit less fluid), it’s tempting to get two OT’s

I would agree that it might be best to dive deep into the OT before getting something else… there’s a lot to explore

Thanks, everyone! All good suggestions, I’ll weigh it all out. And yes, I highly recommend the Winamp setup. Use an older 5.5 version, which has a smaller window. It allows you to open up as many winamps windows as you can fit on the screen, and with their easily accessible panning and volume faders, you can do some great stuff. I keep itunes open and pushed to the side to access the files by tag, and then drag them into one of my Winamp windows as needed. You can’t sync them up, but you can create some amazing sound scapes. I collect records using my zoom and also keep AudioHijack armed at all times when I’m watching something on Netflix or YouTube. Here is a link to a fantastic sound collage artist who inspired me. Highest rec:

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Hopefully y’all don’t mind me dredging this thread up, but I’m interested in the opposite direction

I’m totally new to Elektron gear. I have a new Digitakt waiting for me at home (and an Analog Drive; I’m currently working overseas for another month; getting very impatient :upside_down_face:). My only other device is an OP-1

I’d like to eventually start playing live again for the first time in almost a decade - nothing fancy, maybe small, solo ambient or synthwave sets at local coffeeshops or basement shows. Guitar + synth, maybe some vocals. I recently discovered @AndreN’s Youtube channel, and his stuff is very inspirational. A lot of pleasant sample mangling of guitar and vocals. It seems that a big part of his setup is his OT, and now I’m questioning my purchase

The more I watch youtube videos of live sets and synth/pedal reviews, the more I want to flesh out my setup to something that would be suitable for live sets. Ultimately, when it comes to gear, I want a solid foundation that’s streamlined, but allows for some flexibility in how its used (e.g., modular seems too flexible for me)

Should I spring for the OT2 and have a setup that includes both, should I replace the DT, or should I just wait and try the DT and see if it works for me? Is the DT its own box? Or is it more of an OT-light that just does sample sequencing well. I don’t know if I’ll necessarily buy an OT2 right away (I might), but I’m looking for viewpoints and feedback

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Just beware of the STEEP learning curve with the OT going into it and you will be fine.

Yeah - I would say you should give the DT a shot to see if it works for you, especially if you are new to Elektron. I had a machinedrum a few years back and it was daunting, even though it’s less “machine” than an octatrack. Picked up a Digitakt last year and I LOVE it. I immediately clicked with it and have gotten inspired to make more music again. Part of me is eyeballing an OT2, but I know I should wait until there are things that I want to do that would require an OT over the DT.

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Thank you for the flowers my friend. I would also suggest to use the DT. Both machines have pros and cons, but the DT is a very powerful machine and maybe a little more hands on and portable than the OT. Looking forward to your stuff.



Soooooo Does this mean that the DT and the OT are complimentary? Can someone give me solid justification for investing in both? Does it make sense to use both of them? As opposed to another combination - OT and RYTM for example? It seems like there is an overlap on some of the Elektron gear so I’m interested to know what might work well together - obviously I understand the answer to that question is goal orientated. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks

What is your goal?