Digitakt Audio Output options

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I just got my Digi yesterday, and I was wondering what cables you usually use for Audio.

Is the Headphones output the same as the TRS ( L ) and ( R ) output? If so, what is the advantage of using two balanced cables for audio instead of a single cable on the Headphones output?

I’m sorry, I’m just a little bit confused about how I should connect the Digitakt to my mixer :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading guys, I’m really excited!

The l/r outputs are balanced, you should probably google balanced vs unbalanced outputs.
Plugging a trs cable in L only will give you a mono signal. As opposed to using headphones or both outs for a stereo signal.


On most devices, the headphone output has a different impedance than the regular outputs. In this case, it´s better to use the headphone output for headphones.

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Yes thank you :slight_smile:
But my question is more about the advantages of using only one cable (Headphones) or should I use two TRS cables for stereo out?
Is there any difference in sound? Because everyone seems to use two TRS cables (sometimes even TS) instead of the Headphones

Bump. Also interested in headphones vs left/right output. Cant hear a difference.

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Hi! Where are you leading the cables to? A mixer? Do you know if your mixer has the option of balanced inputs? (Try The manual or google). If so, that has some advantages

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Ahh I misread your post cause the R wasnt right in the text.

Edit: Also it looks like the l/r and headphones have different output impedance.

Impedance balanced audio outputs
Main outputs level: +22 dBu peak Output impedance: 440 Ω unbalanced Digital S/N ratio: 108 dB (20–20.000 Hz)

Headphones output
Headphones out level: +22 dBu peak Output impedance: 55 Ω


Hey! :slight_smile:
Yes! My mixer is a MackieProfx10 wich has balanced inputs. Is the headphones out unbalanced?

Yess ahah I just noticed that :man_facepalming:
Is the Headphones out not balanced?
Thank you for the impedance info, I had no idea about that!

No, I’m wrong about the headphones no being balanced. I don’t think it matters for headphones.

Personally, I use both outputs. I run the l/r outputs into the mixer and the headphone output into either my Kaoss pad or Monomachine for effects, then from those into the mixer. Almost like some parallel effects processing. Works nicely.

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Nice! That way you can have a dry and wet signal if you want to, I see

Headphones use TRS, but they send R on one channel, L on one channel, and ground on another. It is not balanced, but is nice because just one connection for stereo audio.

Balanced TRS audio is 2 channels and ground but they are used to send the same audio On 2 channels and cancel added noise by phase cancellation of whatever gets added to the signal through the cable run. Basic thing to know is use balanced when it is available, especially if you are using a long cable run.

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thank you very much, I’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile: always thought headphones were balanced! Cheers

HP cant be balanced :wink:

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Hi, i have a question related to this topic.
My setup is very minimal for home recording and jamming. Usually I connect my digitakt to the ‘Zoom R8’ multitrack recorder using one mono(TS)cable from either L or R out from the digitakt into one of the mono inputs of the R8. Since the R8 has two inputs i can use the other input for my synth or my guitar. It sounds ok and the R8 shows that everything is in stereo but when i tried to connect the digitakt with two mono(TS) cables, from L and R out to both mono inputs of the R8(officially this is how you record stereo on the R8, it links the two inputs into one) it sounded louder or better. Of course, i don’t have more free inputs on the R8 then!
So my question is, do i really need to upgrade to Zoom R16/24 which has 8 inputs and use those double mono cables(2xTS on one end and 2xTS on the other)? Or shall i just use one mono/TS cable how i use it now? Its seems that its always stereo anyway and sometimes it just works but when i use some effects the digitakt get lost. How do i use it the right way?