Digitakt + Blofeld setup

Hello elektronauts!

Im new to music production, especially hardware. Recently I bought a Digitakt and a Waldorf Blofeld.

My intention is to be able to control the Blofeld with Digitakt in chromatic mode at the same time as i play back the audio tracks [1-8].

My current setup:
MIDI OUT (Digitakt) > MIDI IN (Blofeld)
Input L + Input R (Digitakt) > Left + Right (Blofeld)
My headphones are connected to the Digitakt.

My problem is that I can only hear the audio tracks playing when my headphones are connected to the Digitakt. When I connect my headphones to the Blofeld I can play it with chromatic mode on Digitakt perfectly but can not hear any sound from the audio tracks on the Digitakt.

Am I doing something wrong or have I missed something?
Really appreciate all the help I can get.

Welcome to the forum!

There is no possibility to hear the Digitakt through the Blofeld’s audio output, because the Blofeld has no audio input.

You can hear the Blofeld through the Digitakt’s audio outputs (including the headphones) by monitoring the DT’s audio inputs. To do that, you have to activate monitoring (MON) in the DT’s Sampling Menu. Try following the QUCK START section of the DT’s manual, beginning on page 19.


I did what you said and it worked! Thank you so much for your help!

You can route the blofeld’s output to digitakt’s input and turn on monitoring