Digitakt :Chromatic mode some buttons not turned on (not lit)

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On the digitak in chromatic mode some buttons are not (in a “on” state not lit) does anybody know why that is? (is it in some kind of scale?)


Press [FUNC] + [TRK] to enter CHROMATIC mode. In this mode, you can play the sound of the active
audio track (or send MIDI notes if you have an active MIDI track) chromatically. The [TRIG] keys will light
up in a pattern that resembles an octave of a piano keyboard layout.

Only lit keys are playable. Press

So this it normal?

[TRK] + [TRIG 1–16] keys to select the track you want to play chromatically.
Press the trig keys to change the chromatic note pitch of the sound. The range from [TRIG 9] key to
[TRIG 16] key is one octave. The whole range spans four octaves: middle, 1 up and 2 down. Press the
[ARROW] keys [UP] or [DOWN], to transpose the virtual keyboard up or down one octave.
Notes trigged chromatically can be recorded on the sequencer in LIVE RECORDING mode. Find out how
this is done in section “10.2.3 LIVE RECORDING MODE” on page 28.
Like MUTE mode, the active state of CHROMATIC mode (the portion of the chromatic keyboard currently visible on the [TRIG] keys) is not stored per pattern but stays in the state to which it was set until it is
Press [FUNC] + [TRK] to exit CHROMATIC mode

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Look at the layout of a keyboard/piano and compare it to the highlighted keys on the Digitakt, it´s the same concept as mentioned in the manual. I find it very intuitive.

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So it’s basicly a presentation of the black and white keys on the keyboard? strange that you can’t play hem though? Or it that just me :slight_smile:

Chromatic mode turns the sequencer buttons into a single octave keyboard. An octave is twelve notes. The bottom row is the white keys the top is the black keys. Compare it to an octave on an actual keyboard, the unlit keys on the digitakt will make sense.


Thanks for the replies guys appreciate it :slight_smile: