Digitakt Circuit Bent Sample Packs

Hi everyone!,

With the new OS being released I took the opportunity to create some more sample packs from my circuit bent Alesis HR-16 and used some of the sounds to test out OS 1.05

You can here a small selection of the sounds in this clip

You can also grab the sample packs for free over here if you want to check them out yourself

Free Sample Packs

Looking forward to the next update!


awesome man, thanks a lot :slight_smile: downloaded them and I’ll check them later, maybe I’ll try a track only using these :wink:

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No worries! Hope you find them useful. :slight_smile: I plan to make more sample packs in the future.


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Thank you, Studio_Cee! :slight_smile:

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: Going to work on some more samples soon.