Digitakt conditions not showing, only probability

Hello friends, I seem to have lost the possibility to choose conditions. Under “trig” I can only choose probability in %, but no trig conditions (yes I am pushing the trigger In question and turning knob D to the right but nothing happens). I know that it has worked before as I have tracks on the DT that still work, but how do I get that function back again? Have I missed something essential?

Many thanks!

Hm I haven’t had my second coffee yet but I can’t think of a reason you’d lose the conditions - so the list just stops at 100%?

Turn the knob the other way?


Tried both

Assume you’ve tried multiple tracks/parameters etc. - it’s something that is impacting conditions everywhere?

Have you tried creating a new project to see if it’s the same there?

You need to hold a trig to see the 1|2 conditions. Or is that what you meant with holding it?
Without it you can just set the percentage for the entire track.

Yes. Same problem

Yes I did. It still only shows probability. It is so annoying and limiting.


I also restarted it

Not that it should make any difference I don’t think, but what firmware version are you on?

SORRY! Now I realised that I also needed to activate the rec button and after that hold the trig button. Completely forgot about that. Thank you amazing people for just being there in this hard time! :heart::heart::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



doh! hey at least it was an easy fix - back to your weekend jams :raised_hands:

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Now I only need to fund out how to fade out my very long sample that stretches over (almost) 4 times 64 bars… :sweat_smile:

Make the sample only on 1st trig condition.
Put an LFO ramp down destination volume.
Should it do the trick?