Digitakt crashes when changing patterns

Hey guys
my brand new digitakt always crashes when I change from pattern 1 to 3 and gives a nasty noise.
please help

Crashes how? It stops playing?

The video is too short to tell what’s going on and I’m not hearing anything I would describe as a nasty noise.

The first sound you hear isnt programmed.
Thats the „crash“. It‘s significant louder and higher than the rest

I think it has to do with sound setting difference of the patterns.

How can i fix this ?

For Full Video:

Try solo-ing out tracks 1 through 8, maybe you can locate the problem that way.

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Master pattern volume is found on the compressor page. The noise you are experiencing seems to be from a combination of volume, bpm, and delay time being affected by change in bpm when you change patterns. At least that’s my best guess

I would do what the previous poster suggested. Mute tracks and unmute until you find the culprit and adjust the track that is producing the sound.

Tried that out but got that noise with every Track soloed

Are you using reverb/delay on pattern one?
Do the bpms changes between the patterns?

On some track yes.

As you describe it, seems like you may need to log a support ticket. I really haven’t seen anyone with the error you are experiencing.

Again I think it’s a change of delay speed/time/amount between pattern 1&3 creating that noise.

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Yeah it sounds like that …
Just logged a Support Ticket …

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