Digitakt, Digitone and Overbridge : why can't use delay and reverb?

I know that this subject has more or less been shared on this forum :
When I connect my Digitakt and/or my Digitone to my DAW (Ableton Live) thru Overbridge, I can’t modify Delay, Reverb and Pan on my Digitakt and Delay and Reverb on my Digitone (Pan is OK).
Is there a a possibilty to activate them ?

Thank you !

Are you aware, that the effects on the elektron boxes are send effects? A portion of the signal from each track is send to the fx block, which is then send out/ mixed to to the main output.

This means, the effects are only audible on the master out channel via overbridge. The single channels are dry, without fx.

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@nionmu Is right but it depends a bit on what you want to achieve.

If you want to multi track and keep the effects, that’s not possible. Well it is, but you’ll just have a bunch of stems you can’t use because if you change them the FX track loses relevance. Multitracking I gather is useful for some people… I dunno I kinda don’t get it with Elektron boxes if I’m honest - someone else would need to cover that.

However if you just want to capture the master via Overbridge, then you will be getting the whole performance, including any FX changes, just make sure to select the right channels for it.

It is however possible to disconnect the single channels from the main out. So on the main out only the effects are recorded. You could record all the dry channels and a mix of all effects on the main channel. At least it is possible on a4 and ar, don’t know, if you can change the track routing on the digis


Yea that’s what I was driving at with the next bit

I’m not sure how people make use of that in their workflow - but they must. You have the same dilemma with a multitrack mixer.

You’ll often get pre-EQ tracks (not even post-eq in most cases), and then a master which will inevitably have your FX sends etc. on it too, or theyll be their own track. Either way same problem.

I can multitrack my XONE post-eq but I’ve never worked out how I would make use of it - I’d need to re-record stuff and mix it all down again, sounds like a nightmare.

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it’s so dumb (especially on the Keys, where they specifically sold the benefit of having four stereo outs . . . without any of the built-in FX)

The norm is to have dry individual outputs, always been that way on most if not all drum machines. It would be a small feat in engineering terms to implement the routing required for send FX to be routed to individual outs as well as main outs.

Sorry, I misread your post. I was think drum machine for some reason.


One could compare it to the removal of flour from a cake that’s already been baked.

OT is the only Elektron I know of that has per-track effects (but that’s kind of its purpose). AR is the same, dry mono outs, send effects on the master.

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that may be the norm but also defeats the purpose of having in-box FX on a multitimbral synth if you can’t output them separately – and not making that clear when you are selling a $1000 keyboard version with individual stereo outs for each track is shady at best. worse, making that option available over USB but only if you send them into a DAW with your proprietary format. at least give us a way to do it DAWless-ly

Just to be clear what’s being talked about isn’t an option DAW or DAWless. they’re send effects (i.e. you’re sending the audio to the effect, but there’s just one delay/chorus/reverb shared for all tracks) - the effects channel is one audio stream contaning all of the tracks - you can take that channel seperately via Overbridge, but it still contains all of the tracks. Your individual tracks are still dry.

I suspect the main use-case for taking the individual track outs is to run them into outboard effects - which is super useful - but I appreciate not what it sounds like you want.


For what you’re asking you’d need insert FX rather than send FX. It’s no secret that these boxes have send FX and as far as I know they’re not vague about FX routing etc in the manual so it’s a bit strong saying it’s a shady move.

Maybe one for the feature request thread but my guess is the hardware won’t support it even if they can do it in the digital domain.

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Regardless of the price, send effects are send effects, and I can’t think of any box with send effects and USB audio streaming that incorporates the send effects into the individual channel audio streams. It’s like expecting a stereo signal to come out of a mono output if you plug in stereo headphones, just because the manufacturer didn’t stipulate this isn’t possible doesn’t mean they’re in the wrong. If you’re paying that much for something you’d be expected to at least research it first, and Elektronauts alone is awash with millions of questions from bemused users.

They are clear about it. If you’re shelling out hundreds of euros for music equipment without reading the documentation sufficiently to know if the fx are sends or inserts, and this is something you are concerned with, I’m thinking, that’s on you.


It’s essential that they are send effects too, so you can change patches without resetting the effects. No glitches skips or stops in the sound.

I gave up multitracking my AK for all the reasons stated. Just work at getting that stereo master out sounding as good as possible. Then you are done!

Thanks everybody for your answers.
So, if I can summarize, these effects (delay, reverb) are not sent thru the USB port by the Digitakt and the Digitone.If I want to add reverb on 1 track, I have to use a VST in my DAW.