Digitakt + Digitone + Arturia Keystep

Hello all,
I bought Digitakt, Digitone and Keystep with a vision that DTT will be the brain of the group, DTN will listen to mutes, pattern changes etc and Keystep will be melody input for DTN.

I have connected it as DTT midi out > DTN midi in (of course) but is there any solution to connect keystep to DTT and pass the midi informations thru it into DTN? I tried to map DTN synth channels as 11-14 and the keystep is working only for DTT (channels 1-8) but there it ends.

If nothing, would some midi merging box help?

Thanks a lot nauts!

the problem: the midinotes from the keystep are not coming out of the midi out of digitakt. only at the midi thru of digitakt.

  1. you could use a merge box to combine digitakts midi out and thru and send it to dn midi in. with this you could choose the right channels (11-14) on keystep and play digitone directly (via digitakt)

  2. you could also set one ore more midi track(s) of the digitakt to send midi to the digitone on the right channel(s) (11-14) or use the dn autochannel.

if you select this midi track on digitakt, you can play digitone from keystep via autochannel or trackchannel of dt (only when this miditrack on dt is selected/active)

btw. the naming convention in the forum is DN for Digitone and DT for Digitakt, just you dont get confused

also please use the forum search, as there are many different topics with this exact same setup already :wink:

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Hello sir,
Thank you very much for your awesome response. It makes sense. I will try the 2nd variant for now and will decide if the merger will be really needed. I’m sorry for spamming similar theme as others, I should keep the question after sleeping after night shift and checking the forum.
I couldn’t remember those exact naming conventions, from now DT and DN is my second life.

Tahnk you!

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The second method suggested by @nionmu will work very well and you will not need a MIDI merger.

Confirmed, love you guys :slight_smile:

another option to try: if you can enable keysteps soft thru in the software, you could:

dt midi out to
keystep midi in
keystep midi out (with soft thru)
to dn midi in
from dn midi thru to dt

this way you can send all midi stuff plus switch directly on the keystep, which unit to control… i did that some time ago with my a4 and ar and it worked with keystep…


wow, this is 200 IQ, thank you, definitely will try it too. thanks!

haha, no, just a little more experience and trying things out… have fun.