Digitakt + Digitone -Do I need a mixer?

I got a Digitone on the way. Am I going to need a mixer?
Does audio pass thru the Digitakt when not in Sampling mode?

yes it does. you can‘t apply effects but the digitone has its own

Better go Digitakt outs- digitone in, that way you get stereo and can use the digitone efx on the digitakt :slight_smile:


Is that possible? Didnt think of that

I have a mixer I was just wondering if there was any way to do it w/o one.

You can pass audio from the Digitone inputs through to the outs [edit: I was mistaken] and it looks like you can send the audio to the 3 onboard FX of the Digitone. Be careful with levels though, I think 25 (it goes up to 100 or more) is unity gain for the inputs on Digitone.

You can get away with this setup, but a mixer isn’t a bad idea. There are a million options out there.

true. Than I would go the other way around. I never would by a mixer just for these two machines. But that’s me


Yes, if you read Digitone’s manual it describes this config on page 67:

It’s better this way than the opposite, extra fx! :slight_smile:


long story short: no! you dont need a mixer. for live you just plug in the digitakt into the digitone and the digotone into you monitors/ headphones. for recording, you just connect both via usb to a laptop.


see above …

just to clarify.
audio through the digitakt gets summed to mono and can be monitored , you have the option to monitor left , right , L+R .
digitakt does not allow audio that is being monitored to be passed through the master fx. (and yes , there are many many requests for it )

audio through digitone is stereo if you setup the master LPAN / RPAN appropriately , and also turn up the IN L and IN R as shown in the image above.
Audio through on digitone is passed through the same master FX as the internal synths … chorus, delay , reverb and overdrive.

the best setup IMO , if you only have these 2 boxes would be to have the stereo output of the digitakt going into the digitone to keep the stereo audio and allow for additional fx

if you do run it through a mixer with fx send , then you can run fx send into digitone , and if you are careful use it to generate crazy feedback loops on itself .


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Don’t forget headphone out of the digitone back into the digitakt so you can sample everything and still use the digitone main outs.


I like to run digitakt out into digitone and then I run digitone headphone out to digitakt inputs (for sampling). I keep monitoring turned OFF. I run main outs from digitone. Also to add to the unity gain convo, my tests have found digitone input at 50 (not 25) to be unity.

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hope i’m not too far from the thread. this is my config

DN in OT ( ab )
DT in OT ( cd )

OT in zoom h6

Would i get a better sound if i go through a mixer ?

then, how can i sample DN and DT in OT ?

@L4rs3rik @PTSowns

@ML I do exactly as you do, into h4n. I don’t use a mixer because I don’t want more stuff to plug in or organize. But you could sample using aux sends or something…

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ok ! i asked because i saw in the thread that because the digitone is mono, etc etc … but also because i noticed that when i record in the zoom, the sound from the digitone is not as good as the sound from digitakt and octatrack …

thanks ! i was thinking of buying a MACKIE 1202VLZ4 or 1402. I don’t want something too heavy nor too big. And i read good things about it here. Would you recommend it ? or something else ?

PS : i also have a virus ti2 and a piano, and i’d like to sometimes add 2 vocals …

Nice!!! This is awesome!!! Thanks


both machines via a single USB cable? if I use Ableton, which VST instance should I use then? Thanks!