Digitakt & Digitone Setup Questions


I just bought a Digitone (yesterday) to go with my Digitakt and I am relatively still new to the Elektron world. I have read and watched what I could find about setting up the two units. Currently, I do have them connected to each other as recommended by various sites by essentially chaining them together and running the Digitakt as Master and Digitone as the slave.

My question is do they have to be connected like this in order to function within a setup?

I was using the Digitakt as the center piece of my studio, sending clock to a TR8S, SE02, Dave Smith Evolver and a small Eurorack setup. When I picked up the Digitone, I just thought I would connect via midi like my other devices not have to chain them. Obviously I am struggling with the concept of this workflow and am trying to gain a better understanding to it all.

Also, I am not DAW less, I am still connected to a Mac using Cubase to send clock when tracking for recording.

Thank you in advance for any information you could send my way!

If I am interpreting your question correctly, you are asking if the Digitone HAS to be connected directly to the Digitakt to sync.

I believe the answer is, “No.”

As long as the Digitone is receiving sync from somewhere, it should be okay to have it anywhere in the chain and will still sync with the master, your Digitakt.

Also, if you DO have the Digitone as 2nd in the chain after the Digitakt, you can certainly use the MIDI thru port of the Digitone to pass through any sync and other MIDI messages from the Digitakt to the rest of your setup.

Hopefully this answers your question?


Thank you so much. I appreciate the information. It really helps!

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