Digitakt- distorted/clipping samples

Hi. Am sampling the output of my digitone into my digitakt. The monitored signal is lovely and clean, and im ensuring that the output level on the DN is fairly low to leave plenty of headroom, but despite how low i set the output level on the DN the resulting sample when played back is always the same, gritty and distorted . Im aware that the DT sums to mono and normalizes, but im sure this shouldnt be the end result. Ive used an AR for sampling (which i assume is more or less the same in terms of hw the recording is treated) and i didnt experience this. Ive read the manual in the hope of seeing some mention of setting input levels etc on the DT but nothing. Aside from decreasing the output level on the external sound source (which ive already done- even at practically silent it still renders the same result) im at a loss what can be done. Im a fairly new DT user but otherwise well seasoned with Elektron workflow (inc the OT), but this has thrown me.

Have you checked the OVER(drive) parameter on the AMP page?
What’s about the compressor settings?

Check also the LFO if it doesn’t target, for example, overdrive.

hi- overdrive is at 0, compressor is neutral and no LFO. this is when its just been recorded, so hasnt been assigned to a track yet and hasnt yet been saved… ive just worked out tho that if i do save it and then assign it, and then pull the sample level down from the default of 127 (which seems too high to me for a default level) down to, for e.g, 70, its then ok… Basically it seems that the default level when auditioning (and then when its assigned) is at max, which is perhaps too high, but then is ok when turned down (significantly). I guess i was just expecting the sampling behaviour to be the same as with the AR

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