Digitakt doesn't send midi for trigs when playing

Hi All,

I wanna copy a pattern i sequences on the digitakt into ableton. I have the DT in overbridge mode, and when I’m hitting the chromatic keyboard, Ableton receives midi notes. However if i just press play on the DT, no midi is sent. I checked the midi config menu and all the tracks and outputs are set ok (afaik)

any tips why this is happening?


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Audio sequencer tracks don’t output midi data.

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aww that sucks :frowning: is there hope to request this as a feature? or is it for a reason this way…

I don’t think that they will change it. The reason it is how it is, is that you have 8 dedicated midi tracks to output midi data. So in your case you yould just copy your sequencer data to one of the midi tracks and send this one to ableton.

didnt think of that, that’s actually a great workaround :slight_smile: thannnxxxx