Digitakt Drum Kit MIDI Addresses?

Hola, recently watched LooPop’s video using MIDI drum loops in Ableton then live recording the pattern into Digi takt.

I am a complete Ableton novice and have the Lite version. Anyway, the general idea was using a MIDI translator app to remap MIDI drum kit address to the relevant Digi takt address or keyboard note. MIDI translator APP used in Ableton was called “MIDI effects rack” I think.

Is there such a table for Digi takt kit like below?

I plan to use a basic midi editor, remap/reassign kick, snare, hi hats etc. , then drop into a DAW, then live record into Digi takt.

Hope this makes sense?

Yes. MIDI note numbers 0 to 7. See 8.4 MIDI NOTES (page 21) of the manual for more details.


Many thanks Peter :smile: i will check out the manual tonight.

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Have you been able to achieve this? Also, where are you finding drum midi loops? Or are you making them in Ableton?