Digitakt + Electribe 2 setup

Hi, if you’re searching a multi synth on a budget to combine with midi channels of the DT you my might consider this baby. Sounds really interesting when scrathing the suface. Automations with a slide preset is the key in. Multiple voices shared on 16 parts ( about 24, 4 notes chords on a part ). Not have an elektron sequencer but quite elegant, thought it don’t have microtimin just “groove per part”.
And when used as tone generator…Dope. Filters does the job and are a joy to tweak.

Here is a live jam set i’ve recently recorded.


Ps:You can use this topic to share your live set based on digitakt if you want, will rename it.


Interesting set @Ymsey!
I have a similar combo, and really love the electribe!
Keep it up :slight_smile:

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Wicked set

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Thanks man, do you have some of your production with theses i can listen somewhere?

Not yet, just jamming at the moment. Had to dismantle my music room and now its just a flight case!

I’ve had the electribe since it came out so I know it very well. Not decided on a workflow yet for using both.

I tried controlling it from Digitakt and as you noted automating glide is cool, but for me its probably cleaner to use each sequencer separately and just sync clock.

Whats your workflow at the moment?

Jamming is life! I use both seqncrs too most of the time. even crossed electribe triggîng dt too sometimes.
I started with electribe only when it came out as you. I mangle it so hard now and she don’t either cry ahah.
I usually start a pleasing chord, arp, melody or ambient progression, even perc groove. It have to be catchy to me since this point, if not i quit. Things are much more easy after.

was debating picking up a used e2 and was wondering if anyone was still liking the combo of digitakt and electribe or I should ask do they play nicely together?

Hey there! I was wondering if anyone is using their Digitakt with an Electribe Sampler? On paper I feel like these two together would be absolutely awesome. I’m possibly thinking of selling my SP404 to help fund replacing my old DT, but I’d love some insight from people who use both. I feel like they really cover each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Hi there,
A friend of mine just bought an electribe (not the sampler, the other, I didn’recall its name)
We tried to make everything work, my stuff and his, but it looks that we cannot let the electribe play from other gears. This is the setup:
My DT is the the brain so here is the chain: DT midi out to Midi in of keyboard which is used to play the Electribe. From the midi out of the keyboard into the midi in of the electribe. It shoudnt be difficult however when I push start or stop from the DT Electribe does nothing. I’ve already checked the DT setup and midi clock and transport send are active so I can’t understand.
We saw that the Electribe actually can receive the clock but not the start and stop commands.
Any ideas?

Your setup is unlikely to work as currently configured because there is seemingly no path from the MIDI Out of the Digitakt to the MIDI In of the electribe.

Without having further details, like which keyboard you are using, you are most likely to get what you want by connecting:

  • MIDI Out of keyboard to MIDI In of DT, and
  • MIDI Out of DT to MIDI In of electribe.

You could then:

  • set the MIDI channel of the keyboard to match the Autochannel number of the DT;
  • select a MIDI track on the DT and set its MIDI channel number to match that of the electribe;
  • send clock and transport from the DT to the electribe for synchronization.

Unless you have particular preferences for your setup, try the above and see how you get on.


Thanks for the answer… Well yes the configuration is a little more complex than I described but I think that other stuff wouldn’t be a problem because they actually work. However I try to attach a very schematic and bad realized scratch of ours setup


Are you willing to reveal the identities of the MIDI keyboards and MIDI foot controllers in your setup?

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The mine is an Arturia key lab essential (MIdiKeyboard 1). Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the other. I’ll let you know as soon as possible.

The midi foot controller is a Proel MS 16. Both the foot controller and my keyboard work.

You need another merger 2in 1Out between DT+Keyboard2 and Electribe.
The Out of the keyboard only send information from the Keyboard not thoses from its In.
Even u if u had a Thru Port in the Keyboard, the problem would have been that you would no longer transmit infos from the keyboard but then only those from the DT

And u can avoid the midi solution box and use the two output of the DT(ie set the Midi Thru 2 as an out) unless the controllers(key1 and Footswitch) are also controlling the minilogue or/and the tribe

thanks… I will try this…

Yes it makes sense to me, but why with my setup I could play notes on the electribe from the dt?

I only use the footcontroller to change pattern and to start and stop the DT. I use Key1 to play the minilogue and the DT

Until we identify the mystery “MIDI keyboard 2” we cannot tell. You say that it is passing MIDI Note and MIDI Clock messages from its MIDI In port (from the DT) to its MIDI Out port (to the electribe) so there is a reasonable probability that there is simply a setting that prevents Start and Stop messages from being passed on.

Do you only use the foot controller to start and stop the system or do you also use the Start nd Stop buttons on the DT?

I don’t believe that’s true. As far as I know, the MIDI Thru port on the DT can only be used as a DIN Sync output or a MIDI Thru, not a MIDI Out.

Here I am to reveal the mystery. :grinning: The Keyoards2 is a Novation Mk2 25 SL

I tried both ways, but the electribe won’t start. However the idea is to use the foot controller to start the system