Digitakt - External Sample Editors

Hey everyone! I am using Audacity for Sample editing before I import into the machine. I am considering process chains to do the immediate regular processing and though it is a fantastic freeware app I wonder about the other programs out there. If you use a dedicated Audio editor please share your experiences;)


Following / I use my own software to create Sample Chains / I don’t have a Digitakt

Some that I use (windows)

Audacity - great features, custom macros etc.
Wavosaur - nice editing, quite customisable.
MPC Beats - good for taking numerous samples, chopping, auto sampling etc.
Octachainer - by @Abhoth throw in a bunch of samples, get chains.


Good to hear. Not interested in sample chains. Macros what I meant by process chains) for sure which is a bonus on Audacity. I use to use Sound Forge a loooong time back. Stopped when Sony picked it up.