Digitakt factory content missing?

Okay guys. Created an account purely to get some help. The digitakt is my first piece of Elektron gear. I received mine today and updated the firmware to 1.1…However I still for the life of me cannot get it to make any sound other than the tick of the metronome out either the headphone jack or the outputs. I’ll hit play and see the audio track pads lighting up as if it’s playing something but there is no sound at all. I was under the impression it came loaded with 400+ presets? I have factory reset it and loaded the “preset” project but cannot hear any of the samples? Am I doing something stupid…or do I have an issue with my unit? Been trying for a good 2 hours to get some type of sound out of it. Maybe i’m misunderstanding what I need to do when I initially get it to load the presets? Any help would be VERY appreciated.

Also in the “boot load” key test mode when I press the snare button the whole screen goes dark and when I press kick the whole screen lights up. Is that supposed to happen?

Edit: Probably asked for help a bit too early. I am going to delve into the manual this weekend and figure more out. I suppose I was just expecting their to be preset patterns already loaded so I could start messing with it from there…I shall report back!


Hey there. Have you read the manual yet?

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It seems you’ve got a faulty unit tbh.

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Mine had a similar problem where it was making no sound when I turned it on for the first time. It was a let down but I shut it off and then turned it back on and there were no more problems. It’s working and sounds awesome.

Check to see if the audio channels are muted (hold func key and all the tracks should be it green). I did that to myself and won’t admit publicly how long it took me to figure that out.


So I can sample into it and save that audio just fine. It definitely can input and output sound. Interestingly enough after I had saved the one sample on a few of the preset patterns the sample I recorded would be used on one of the tracks…so it seems the problem is none of the preloaded samples are loaded into any of the preset patterns. All the sequencer data is there it seems? In boot mode I’ve ran the test and it says “O-errors.” Anyone else experiencing this or any of the mods care to offer any advice?

That was the first thing I wondered too. All tracks are green and not muted.

Edit: it also says the “+drive has no sounds” when I enter the sound browser?

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@phaelam I’ve done that a few times. It will show the preset pattern names but none of the pads trigger anything and when I hit play I can tell there is sequencer data but there is no sound playing. It seems like it just doesn’t have any samples loaded?

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Glad to know I’m not the only one confused by this. Normally I’m able to get something new and just figure it out by messing with the presets but in this case I can’t even do that…

this shows the samples which are loaded to RAM.
scroll with encoder D - what do you see?

ps: make sure you are in an audio track, not in a midi track (e.g. press TRK + TRIG 1)


Okay so I did exactly that. Selected TRK 1, hit FUNC + SRC (assign) it says this:
0: OFF

All 127 slots are blank and it’s the same for all TRK’s. My digitakt came like this, OS has been updated and I have factory reset it twice.

Edit: also there is nothing in the RAM

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Edit: sorry about vertical video, quick did this on my way out the door and didn’t think about that.

@phaelam it seems I have reached my post limit as a new user for today. Factory reset doesn’t bring the samples back and the test mode says “0 errors”

@Ess care to chime in?

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Have you tried putting a sample on to it?

The machine looks completely empty of content to me

Factory samples looks like they are missing. Never seen this one before. Contact support.



i did wonder , has anyone with a digitakt dumped all the included samples onto soundcloud / drop box ?
are they shareable as normal wavs ?

mine should turn up tomorrow :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t go there … there may be licence issues, almost certain of it !


I had the preset patterns and all the samples associated with them but didn’t see anything in the +drive when I stumbled into that menu. I’ll have to read that section of the manual to confirm. Let us know if this doesn’t get resolved in this thread before hand.

yeh i havent ready any of the manual/disclaimers …
i may tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Read the Digitakt bug thread for details. I had this problem, but it’s actually not a bug, just the way the file architecture is set up.

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Hi all,
I just got my Digitakt and the +drive is empty. Any advice?