Digitakt Factory Preset with Arpeggiator... How-To?

I realize that the 6 track of the first pattern in the Factory Preset has two Arpeggiator steps, however I don’t know how to recreate it or even tweak it! Any ideas?

DT doesnt have arpeggiator. Dont have the presets anymore but maybe its just a recorded sample or sequenced per step.

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How to adjust the Arpeggiator on the Digitakt? https://www.reddit.com/r/synthesizers/comments/amelnv/how_to_adjust_the_arpeggiator_on_the_digitakt/?st=JRO0YM0R&sh=737869e8

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Track 6 of pattern ‘subaquatic’ is a one-shot melodic sample in a 12 step sequence. Not an arp.

Ok, any tutorial on that? Because it’s very useful and I can’t find it anywhere else!


This is really basic functionality of the sequencer tbh, sounds like you could do with another look at the manual

Select track 6 and press rec to see the programmed sequence

You turn on adjacent trigs (they’ll look red) and then p-lock the notes so they play a melody (holding a trig and twisting a knob locks a parameter to that step)

Keep searching my friend. The truth to the Digitakt arp is to be found under the yellow rose in the blue bog.

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I think I would have preferred an Arp instead of rtrig… and 2 buttons no less for the rtrig?

Just two steps are in red, 3 and 14, the arp like ones, I disabled all other ones just to focus on the arp like ones, and the sample is not an arp sample… To prove it I try different samples with the same result, arpeggio like repetition, even for the kick one (n.º 37)!

I uploaded a short video with the kick sample so you don’t have to load the Factory Presets and make this arp like behavior absolutely evident to anyone:

That’s a retrig.

just about to say the same… re trig

Or the sample is looping?

Ok, thanks, I will check on that because isn’t obvious how to do it just working with the device.

Yes, this has nothing to do with an arp, but it’s just retriggering sample playback multiple times.

Hold trig (one or more) + press UP and DOWN simultaneously to display the retrig settings.


That’s it, thank you very much… :smile:

Mods, please rename this thread to “For sure is an arp!”

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“There is no arp on the digitakt.”


You don’t need to press UP & DOWN simultaneously. Holding a trig and pressing UP will open retrig settings.

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