Digitakt [factory reset?]

Can’t seem to get any information on the factory reset for digitakt… What exactly does it reset?

Page 59 of the manual. I just downloaded it and searched “factory reset”…


There’s empty and factory. See page 66 of the manual to learn the difference between the two.

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Thanks for the info :blush:

I’m trying to do a factory reset and I get into the startup menu and press key 3 but for some reason it is not working. It just re-starts the Digitakt with no alteration whatsoever

Any idea anyone

Will it keep all samples that come default from Elektron?

Yes the factory content will stay there, it cannot be erased if I remember correctly, it’s flashed on a different memory.



have you solved this? i am experiencing the same

I am too. I tried both empty and factory reset and it doesn’t do anything.
I want to start over from factory settings and erase all samples and projects

I am having the same issue.

I ended up deleting the samples manually.

sabes como recuperar las muestras, las borre por error
y ahora no se como recuperarlas

Did you delete your own samples or did you delete factory samples/sounds?

Sonidos de fabrica

@djromer you can try this?

I ran into something similar and just did a firmware update of the same firmware and the stock samples came back.

So maybe try that first if you are comfortable with that?