Digitakt features

I would like to se the new reverb and delay algorithm plus control all implimented on the rhythm and A4. Should not be that difficult to implement.


New knob behaviour
Track select on pad tap
Length parameter in the sample section


They are already implemented on DigiTakt, it would be cruel not to include them in the next OS update
(not so sure sample length is so realistic, though)


Is it safe to assume you are not a programmer?


I really wish Ctrl-all was on every elektron box. At the time of machinedrum it seemed it would be a signature thing for them. pity really, A4 and AR would be greatly improved with it. .
Does seem like it would be one of the more simple things to implement too.


I just want to change tracks without holding the “track button” if they can replicate that on the AR I will try even harder to reacquire one!

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I feel scenes is better for the AR though.

That would be nice. I wonder if there’s some reason it can’t be done though.

Sorry for being the harbinger of death, just get the Digitakt :grin:

I wouldn’t imagine so. It seems like a programming issue. I’m not TOO well versed in programming. But it SEEMS like a limb of the overall program. Probably an edit to the current code and add another batch of code in reference to how the pads interact with the record button status and the track button.

If I HAD to make an amateurish guess(which I DON’T have to, but it’s fun to think about) that would be it.

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Hm, the sampler part of the Rytm covers most of the functions of the Digitakt (the unveiled ones at least). It’s just the loop length parameter that’s missing, basically.

so… no

Of course they can … I’ve been banging on about this for ages

It’s a triviality in terms of a concept and in terms of zero CPU usage … for me it boils down to them not having had the idea whilst they were working on it (besides requests)

A nice way to toggle the behaviour I think I had suggested was as follows
It’d be a toggle option in a menu elsewhere, but the shortcut would be …
Track + DoubleTap Fn button
You then get a [x] toggle
This Follow/Select toggle only works for played tracks, not sequenced ones

So basically the current screen is always the last one you played … makes total sense to have this as an option … then you can tweak the sound you just heard … perfect for setting up kits and adjusting sounds relative to others

Current Normal behaviour is default, Track Follow is the toggled option

You need to submit this as an official feature request to give it legs

The details of mine was like so fwiw … (i’ll put this in the correct thread too for info)

1 ========================================

Faster Sound Browser : On the A4 you can also open the sound browser by double tapping the track … this is fantastic if you like to work quickly as you go

On the AR there is a very tricky finger twisting one handed & slow key-combo … Fn+(hold)Sound

Could we please have a mirror of the A4 experience by enabling the following …

Track + (Double Tap) Pad = Open Sound Browser Instantly

2 ========================================

Selected Track : Could there also be a menu option toggle to make the last tapped pad be the now selected track - this is vital if you want to tweak a kit by auditioning sounds together

Quick toggling can be achieved by mirroring your Quantize Live Rec [x] toggle UI element
Instead of Rec + (DblTap) Play , you use

Track + (DblTap) Function

and the Toggle shows which says ‘Selection follows Pad [x]’ (or similar) … or alternatively Track + (hold) Fn

3 ========================================

Fast Kit selection : This UI method is already implemented and is highly consistent

Kit selection needs to be much quicker - Kits are the main thing to swap quickly for a drum Machine, do as follows

Function + (Hold) Kit

this should go straight to the opened Kit selection page


Dude. I know. That was like the biggest thing for me off that DT cuckoo video. The sampling method was really cool. But the track switching was just so FLUID.

Switching tracks in that matter just seems so intuitive I used to just presume it already WAS that way when I used to have it.

When they implement it on the AR, I’ll drink beer and e-cheers to ya


yea having to button combo to select tracks on AR is a bit tedious. it’d be great if that was implemented.


Here’s another feature request (and I may just not know it’s there as a newbie:) :slight_smile:

I watched cenk’s (great as always) live demos on you tube and every time he auditioned a new sound during his performance I thought ‘a’ performance mode’ that routed the normal (currently playing) audio-out to the usual outs BUT ALLOWED ONLY THE USER TO AUDITION (LIVE PREVIEW) THE SELECTIONS AND TWEAKS HE/SHE WAS CONSIDERING DESCRETELY, I VIA THE HEADPHONE OUT.

Sortof like cuing the next track via the board while dj’ing.

Would make live performance and improv recording way smoother.

Does that exist? Does it make sense?

Thanks all.

(this is my official de-lurking post. I have a MD, A4 and MM and am considering either an OT or DT… And yet I still only know 20% of the brains of these wonderful aliens :slight_smile:



Rytm sample start parameter not nearly as high resolution as DT, though.
I can see the advantages of owning both.

Good idea, but I think the output of main and headphones are the same, so they can´t route different stuff to the headphone output. However this should difinitly be on elektrons list for upcoming boxes.

After having messed with both at length. (Own a rytm/ my mate just got his takt a few weeks ago.)

  1. Most obvious being the total recall of tempo/ mute states, as well as the option for sample page params such as forward/ reverse playback and loop length, etc.

  2. The delay on the takt is incredible. We seriously need this thing, asap. (Though, it obviously shines from having a greater depth of control values. It makes it super easy to get those Karplus-strong comb effects going. I view this as urgent, which leads me to #2:)

  3. As the rytm’s lfo mod depth param is MUCH finer than any of the rest of the rytm’s params – I see no reason why we mki owners couldn’t see a resolution boost as well. I find it seriously irksome that apparently the A4/ Keys have the increased depth of control throughout, but the rytm doesn’t. -shakes head- They’re the same pots!

  4. I wouldn’t begrudge Elektron for bringing the track routing page to the takt — this is something that I use fairly frequently, though I’d of course use it all the time if patterns (or kits) would recall these routings.

Additional thoughts: It would be nice to have the option for sample start/ end points to be fixed to time values rather than wave position, so when the sample is pitched, the loop continues at the same rate – I believe this to be unrelated to requesting flex.