Digitakt FX bypassed in Ableton

Hi, I am using the latest betas for OS & Overbridge with Ableton / Digitakt.

Although I am able to record in multitrack, the audio that arrives at the individual Ableton audio tracks bypass any effects I have on DT, so it records just the sequencing.
However, if I record on a single Digitakt plugin instance, the effects are applied & heard as supposed, but that leaves me with one merged waveform and not the individual stems.

Do I need to configure something either in the plugins or DT itself?
thanks in advance

This is normal. The digitakt effects are send effects. The aren’t applied to individual tracks only on the master output

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Ah I see, actually quite a smart move. I can always check the master record for reference and develop the effects manually.

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I haven’t used it but I’ve read that you can configure the digitakt so the stereo mix over overbridge carries just the wet effects channel, so you can use this in your DAW alongside the other individual dry tracks as a effects return channel

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Yup , look into audio routing menu , you can fiddle with things there.(on the digitakt )