Digitakt ignores plocks

Placed plocks (only sample START 0-7,5-15-22,5-30…) on every step, and copied to other tracks (sample loops), but Digitakt keeps reseting sample START plocks after pattern reloading.
Looks like it reseting copied ones, not the plocks i placed manualy.
Am i missing something?

I’ve read this 3-5 times and can’t determine the specifics of what you’re doing…

Could you perhaps be more clear in your description-

(I’m not saying that, at the end of this monday workday, my mind is working 100%- so it could be me…)

Sorry I was unconscious when I wrote it :slight_smile: All I want to say is that Digitakt does not save all p-locks. Later saw in other posts (such as Digitakt 1.07: bug reports) that others also have this problem.

I remember @klerc having this issue. Maybe he can chime in about his solution.

Thanks! At least he has one temporary solution - create a pattern template. Nice…

I will actually hold updating mine, I am on the process of recording some tracks, and it has been working so fine on 1.06 :slight_smile: Good to know that…

“Happy” that I am not the only one.
@padevil this issue happens on earlier OS version as well.
@astrons yeah I assume that it is for playing stem … So spending some time on a template patterned is a good solution in this case.
Anyway we should open a ticket with Elektron to get it fixed.


Was this issue finally fixed? Because I’m still on 1.04 and all my sample start plocks are erased each time I shut down the DT and restart it. Infuriating.

Edit: only the pasted plocks, in fact.

This issue has been fixed. You can freely upgrade to 1.10