Digitakt in a live set-up: Does the Digitakt send status messages over MIDI?


I am absolutely loving my Digitakt- best thing I’ve ever bought. I’ve been having lots of fun with it on it’s own, but it gets even better when I attach an external MIDI controller to it. I’m doing my best to maintain a computer-free live setup, so I’m using an Axoliti, which is capable of being a USB MIDI host, to send the signals from the USB controller to the Digitakt.

Currently using a Korg Nano-Kontrol, With each tracks level controlled by the main faders, filter frequency on the knob, a button for mute, another for solo, and the last button is set to momentarily send the track the delay at 100%.
Having this level of control makes it even more fun, opens up a whole load more possibilities, and in the past few days I’ve abandoned the other instruments I’ve been using with it to focus on using the Digitakt on its own.

The holy grail for me would be to upgrade my midi controller to a hypothetical controller that I don’t believe exists yet, which would have light up touch strips (like on the maschine jam) for track level, with a stack of endless rotary knobs (like the midi fighter twister) above for delay and reverb sends, overdrive, and filter freqeuncy and cut off. All of the controls would have an indicator of what level they are at which would be updated every time the pattern is changed, thus avoiding the problem of moving the control until it catches up with the value already on the Digitakt. I may not be able to find this exact controller, but I am hoping to find something similar.

So, before I spend too much time looking for a suitable controller, does the Digitakt send the appropriate status messages on the MIDI out bus?


Also, on the subject of MIDI, does anyone know if there is a CC for Per-pattern mute, instead of Global mute only (94)? My performance technique often relies on tracks un-muting on pattern reset or change.

I don’t have answers to any of your questions, but a controller suggestion: Faderfox UC4. It’s compact, has midi ports (so you could ditch the axoloti), 8 faders, 8 endless pots, 8 buttons and an xfader, fully customisable. There’s one for sale just now on the forum. Not my ad, they just don’t come up very often and it might be the right thing for you.


On the Settings > MIDI Config > Port Config menu you can set the following:

  • Output Ch = Trk Ch
  • Param Output = CC
  • Encoder Dest = INT+EXT
  • Mute Dest = INT+EXT
  • Receive CC/NRPN = ✓

Then, as you fiddle on the Digitakt, it’ll output the corresponding CCs to keep a controller w/encoders and/or display in sync.

BUT, and it is a big one: when you change patterns, all the values change on the machine, but it doesn’t send the current CCs. So your controller won’t update until you touch the parameter again on the Digitakt.

I use a FaderFox UC44 with my Digitakt, mostly to control the 8 master levels - just like you do with the nanoKontrol (which I have also used with the Digitakt). A continued nit is that after I switch patterns, I need to jog all the faders so that the master levels stay where they are on the controller.


Cheers guys, those fader-fox controllers look nice.

Thanks for the help mzero, I think you have answered my question in its entirety!

I guess my work around will be “mixing” all my projects using the sample or amp level with track level on 100% so I will always know that I can retrieve my intended mix by returning the faders to the top.


@Barnski have you had a look at this: https://m.kentonuk.com/products/controllers/killamix.php