Digitakt in Spanish

Is Elektron considering translate his manuals in Spanish for his machines in my case for the digitakt? Im from Peru and I know English but somethings are difficult to understand or take too much time in comprehend.

Help me Elektron, you are my only hope.

Gretings from the new pandemic center.

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Welcome, @casper_kspr!

I doubt that the digitakt manual will ever get officially translated into Spanish, but there are several Spanish-speaking people in this forum. For sure we can help you translate those parts that you found difficult to understand.

Bienvenido @casper_kspr!

Dudo que el manual del digitakt llegue a traducirse oficialmente al castellano, pero hay algunas personas castellanohablantes en este foro. Seguro que podemos ayudarte a traducir aquellas partes que encuentres difíciles de entender.


it’s really odd that they do not print their manuals in Spanish; hadn’t noticed that before.

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You can take a look here for Digitakt content in Spanish:


Yeah! @casper_kspr
Just ask & we’ll try to help as possible