Digitakt ipad usb - audio level?

Just tried this and I hear audio from the iPad on the digitakt but my question is, can I adjust the volume level of the iPad on the digitakt somewhere? Or do I have to adjust it in whatever app I’m using on the iPad?

You use the master volume control on the Digi. There’s an internal boost menu in the digi’s audio options if you want it louder.

That controls the volume of everything, I was hoping for some way to adjust just the iPad audio level.

You can make the iPad’s USB output louder here, in settings:

At least, that’s the setting that works on the Mac.

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Ok, beats my why they couldn’t make that 1db increments and have the option to reduce the level, but it’s something. Thanks!

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So I’ve found
The output from the digi is low, I had to turn both of these parameters up basically all the way

I was also able to increase decrease iPad levels via your chosen app. While monitoring via digitakt.

You have to start using AUM app on ipad for this. This is essential, must have software on iOS.