Digitakt live performance with OB

I’ve read a lot about OB 2.0 beta functionality and I have some questions.
Can I stream audio from my DAW through Digitakt outputs and simultaneosly perform projects from the machine? If yes, can I control the volume of the DAW signal on the Digitakt?
I suppose I cannot use Digitakt effects on the DAW signal unless I sample some of it and assign to a track, but that is not a problem.
I’m just wondering if I can mix my prerecorded tracks that I have chopped in Ableton with some Digitakt-made stuff and have it all blended in Digitakt outputs.

I don’t have Digitakt yet to check it myself, that’s why I’m counting on you guys :wink:

i dont know why you would want to route thru the digi you can easily do this using the daw as the mixer and output

I get what you say, but if I would use Digitakt as an audio interface (which from what I read is possible in OB 2.0) the whole audio would still come out of Digitakt outputs. I want to cut the use of DAW in my live performance to the minimum - and that in my case means streaming long loops of my older material while playing/improvising new parts on Digitakt.
If it’s possible I wouldn’t want to process Digitakt tracks thru DAW to minimize latency.
So let me ask again: Can I stream audio from my DAW through Digitakt outputs and simultaneosly perform projects from the machine?

Yes, you can. I’m using the DT as an audio interface…passing in two synths via the left/right input through to Ableton, then passing them along with a couple of VSTs I am MIDI sequencing with the DT back to the DT, and running the outs from my DT to my monitors. What’s great about this is whereas directly monitoring your L/R inputs on the DT results in them being summed to mono, if you instead pass them through your DAW, you get them on separate tracks, so can pan them, add stereo effects, etc. and when it comes back to the DT for monitoring retains all of it. So for me so far it all works as advertised. You can still configure it to directly monitor your DT tracks without the round-trip to your DAW. However, for me, the round-trip latency is really minimal…like 20ms, and I like having the ability to add effects to my DT tracks and really keep everything synced up.

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on the flip, you can use vst effects on the Digitakt signal if it all goes through o/b.
probably worth the trade and you can always control them with a MID controller (or probably a MIDI track on the DT, I guess?)

this method occured to me the other day as well - am planning to use the DT to trigger an ableton drum rack that contains a bunch of tempo synced one shot stereo samples - basically using the DT to control the drum rack as if it is a stereo DT track.

Thanks :slight_smile: that’s what I wanted to hear!