Digitakt + midi controller question

sorry for the possibly duplicate and noob midi question, but i’m just setting stuff up.

i have an arturia keylab midi controller with just 5 pin midi out (plus usb, but not needed here). i want to control a roland se-02 synth and route midi back to the digitakt for sequencing. being able to control the digitakt with the keylab would also be nice, but i care less about that.

se-02 has midi in/out. digitakt has midi in/out/thru, so is this just a matter of doing roughly this?

keylab out -> digitakt in -> digitakt thru -> se-02 in

trying it this morning seemed promising, but maybe i need to mess with channels to get it working. recording notes played via keylab from the se-02 didn’t work.

am i on the right track here, or would something like a midi thru box get me closer?

thanks for any tips. i’ll comb the forum for more as i get going.

Welcome to the forum!

I don’t quite get what you want but I would suggest:
Keylab MIDI Out to DT MIDI In
DT MIDI Out to SE-02 MIDI In

Then set the Keylab’s MIDI channel number to match the Autochannel number of the DT and set a DT MIDI track to the same MIDI channel number as that of the SE-02.

Then the Keylab can control any audio track on the DT or the MIDI track that’s controlling the SE-02 simply by selecting the applicable track on the DT.


yeah, that sounds about right. thanks! this rabbit hole is deep, but i’m in it now. it’s nice to have a community.