Digitakt - MIDI keyboard to control other synths via MIDI out

Hi All,

I can’t use my MIDI keyboard to trigger another synthesier connected to Digitakt’s MIDI out and audio inputs.

I’ve got a setup where

  • Digitakt is connected via USB - using Overbridge on Ableton (as a VST with 8 tracks+Input LR )
  • Digitakt’s MIDI Out (ch 9) goes to Behringer Crave’s MIDI in (ch 9), so I can use Digitakt to sequence the Crave.
  • Behringer Crave’s Audio output goes to Digitakt’s Audio input (left), so I can record samples that I triggered via MIDI and also route to Ableton to record as the INPUT L/R channel from Overbridge.

Digitakt’s Track 9/MIDI A channel is what I’m using for the Crave (in SRC - CH 9 is selected - also CH 9 is selected via pins on the Crave).
This way I can sequence notes on Digitakt, sent to Crave via MIDI, played back via Digitakt’s input L. (which I can then hear on ableton via Overbridge)

I have an older Roland synth/keyboard I’m using as a MIDI keyboard hooked up to my audio interface. I want to use my MIDI keyboard to play notes on the Crave.

By default when I play on my keyboard it only triggers Digitakt’s first track (kick). I created a MIDI channel on Ableton to route incoming MIDI input from MIDI keyboard to Digitakt’s MIDI channels. Doing so, with the MIDI keyboard I can trigger the (sample based) audio tracks 1-8 of the Digitakt.

However when I’m trying to route incoming MIDI (from my MIDI keyboard) to Digitakt’s 9th MIDI channel, it doesn’t trigger the Crave.

Can anyone please help me how to solve this? :slight_smile:


In midi config on the digitakt, you should also assign midi ch9 to the first midi track

If you mean in the SRC page for MIDI A (first midi track), CH is selected as 9. Since the Crave is also set to Channel 9, if I can sequence via the onboard “chromatic” keyboard, I can hear it no problem.

However I want to play the notes via my midi keyboard, it only triggers the first channel (kick).
I can route it to other channels by creating a MIDI channel on ableton to route incoming MIDI to Digitakt’s one of 16 MIDI channels. This way I can play the samples in tracks 1-8 via keyboard (with different pitch), but when I go to 9th channel, it doesn’t trigger the Crave.

It’s a bit complicated setup so I struggle to explain. :sweat_smile:

Go into DT settings, scroll to MIDI config, then Channels.

There it is possible to assign which tracks respond to which midi ch for incoming/outgoing midi

The SRC page you are referring to is only directing which midi ch the tracks sequencer is sending on, not the receiving of knobs or ccs

Hope that makes sense

@Bloop I tried it, but even though the channel numbers match on the output of my midi keyboard (checked using a MIDI signal viewer, it was sending notes on ch9) and in the MIDI config - Channels -> the “track channel 9 input” is set to Ch 9, the MIDI wasn’t sent via my PC/Ableton to the Digitakt’s track 9 => which should trigger the Crave connected via Digitakt’s MIDI out.

BUT, I kinda solved it somehow, I think. But not gracefully.

So in the Ableton Midi settings I changed to Output: Elektron Digitakt to Track “on” and Sync “on” - Track wasn’t on before.
Then I created a midi channel, getting the midi note input from my midi keyboard (MIDI From - All Ins), and sending midi to Elektron’s one of the 16 channels. In the Midi To section, if I select ch14 (which I set in Digitakt as the “Auto channel”) for example, I can play notes of the current active track on the Digitakt. Or if I select the midi track a (track 9), the midi notes I play on midi keyboard are played back via the Crave.

It is not elegant, but kinda works.

This way I can record the Behringer Crave’s audio directly on Ableton, using Overbridge VST to transfer audio from the external inputs of the Digitakt :upside_down_face: I already used up my four inputs on my audio interface to input a mic, a guitar, and two line-in synth inputs, so very nice that I get extra two - sequentable - audio tracks via Overbridge.

Does anyone know how I can trigger directly the midi channel I want using my midi keyboard (I can easily select the output channel I want there), without using this additional midi channel on Ableton to route midi from my midi keyboard to the digitakt’s midi channels?

It’s should be possible to change the midi channel that your midi keyboard transmits on, some keyboards make it easier than others though

I’m using several Elektron sequencers and using the master keyboard midi ch to choose which auto channel is selected