Digitakt MIDI loop help

Hi everyone. I could do with a little help re MIDI looping on the DT.

I spent a good few hours trying to get it to do what I wanted, but to no avail. Basically I was trying to CC in Delay timing changes and Reverb decay etc using the MIDI tracks.

The manual says CC85 for delay time, but NRPN MSB 2. So the standard CC85 goes to Filter width. Anyone know how to get access to these CC’s that are on NRPN MSB 2?

Any help would be super appreciated. Cheers.

I don’t know. I didn’t bother paying attention to the NRPN stuff at all and was able to get the delay working the way I wanted when I was messing around with it. I’ll double check later on though

Ah cool, thanks. Maybe I’m doing something simple wrong - but if I dialled in CC85 it just changed the filter width every time :confused:

You are not sending it to the good midi Channel. Check your midi channel settings.

what midi channel are u supposed to use for fx settings do u know?

I was tryin this the other day too. couldn’t find any info on what midi channel to use.

Just a shot in the dark but maybe set the midi channel to the effects channel?

I used cc 85. nrpn lsb 98 and the other one was 16 to modulate delay time.

Yeah dude i just hooked up my midi to my DT. CC 85 controls the delay time as long as your midi track is broadcasting on the FX channel. It’s default is channel 9 but check your channels themselves as they can move about in the cabin after take off.


awesome. didn’t know the fx had a midi channel. thanks :slight_smile:


I knew I must be missing something super simple. But you just saved me at least 27 years of frustration. Cheers.


Thanks again all you lovely people for helping me out with the MIDI looping of the effects. I’ve been having a ton of fun with it. Just made this 26min track ONLY using the Digitakt default project sounds, and nothing else :slight_smile:

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My LFO doesn’t seem to have any effect