Digitakt Midi Loop Song Mode Fixed?

Sorry if this has been discussed already, but I recently tried sending the Midi Out back into the Midi In to allow me to use Midi tracks to switch patterns and it worked perfectly. No crashes and no problems even when hitting Stop twice. I’m running the Beta6 OS. Maybe this fixed the previously mentioned crashes?


Can anyone confirm? This would be pretty epic if true.

I’ve never used it this way and I don’t have any interest in song mode, but MIDI loopback without freezing is something that might come handy in the future, specially to use those MIDI track LFO’s

True. No Crashes,

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So I made heavy research to make the Midi Loop Song Mode work.

There is an issue using that method discribed very good here:

I don’t know why but it just happens sometimes to work.

And again don’t ask me why, but if I set a PC P-Trig before the final PC P-Trig (the PC P-Trig you want to “chain” to) that sends a PC P-Trig to the running Pattern it works.

So say I want to jump from A1 to A2:
(of course the PC has to be set always before the Bar)

First Trig: PC Number 1 (To itself)
Second Trig: PC Number 2 (to final Pattern)

I really don’t know why that works, but it does. There seems to be a reset issue with the box !?

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