Digitakt Midi over USB trouble

Hey everyone, I’m trying to find a solution to this problem and haven’t yet any luck.

Using the Digitakt with USB to lightning to iPad, I am unable to assign cords to a trig via the 4 note knobs. Only the first knob note will trigger. This is across multiple apps that support midi over USB. Any thoughts?


I never use the MIDI over USB but I don’t think it should affect how the Digitakt is behaving(?)

What happens when your turn the knobs for the Note 2, 3 and 4?

I use Digitakt midi over usb to iPad and chords work for me, no problem. Make sure the patch/instrument on the iPad is poly and not mono, obviou,s but easy to overlook sometimes.
Make sure the digitakt is sending 2 or more notes as in the image.

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Thanks for the help guys. The instrument is definitely capable of playing chords or is polyphonic and the knobs 2, 3 and 4 are set to other notes but don’t play those notes when triggered. Only the first note of the harmonic on knob one is played when triggered .

Hey everyone, this is the second time around. Not sure what to do here.

Using Digitakt midi, I am unable to assign cords to a trig via the 4 note knobs. Only the first knob note will trigger. Adjusting knobs to note2, note3, and note4 harmonics will not result in a change in sound. Only note1 with play. I am using midi that is polyphony. Any thoughts? Are there settings I need to change on the digitakt?


Hey ,There is not anything specific you need to set on the Digitakt to do chords on a midi track, just make sure in project settings you go to MIDI settings, channels and set MIDI A to channel 9, MIDI B to 10 etc. Maybe if you post a short video of the steps you are doing we might spot something? Else, just check you are using a MIDI track (A-H) and the midi channel is unique, I use midi channel 9 for MIDI track A and make sure nothing else is using channel 9. Make sure the app on iPad is only receiving on the same midi channel, i.e. channel 9.

Ok, so it will record the chord but will not play it when triggered. Anyone else have this problem?

i have the same problem too
if anybody has a solution
please sent me email thanx~