Digitakt Midi Track selection via midi message

Hello all!,

I am thinking of buying a digitakt and have the following question for any midi gurus:
I am planning on sequencing external midi gear with the digitakt and will hook up to the midi in of the digitakt a midi master keyboard.
I would like to be able to select the midi track of the digitakt, upon which i will be entering notes, not by the digitakt’s front panel but through the master keyboards’ buttons.
Does anyone know if this is possible via sysex or other midi message type?

AUTO CHANNEL selects the MIDI channel that will give access to the currently active track. If an external MIDI keyboard connected to Digitakt sends MIDI data on this channel, the keyboard will control the active track. This is useful when for example quickly changing between the active audio tracks to play different sounds

Or don’t use auto channel but then you have to remember which midi channel you gave to each audio track and then change the midi channel of the external midi keyboard to the midi channel of the audio track you want to control

fyi sysex is for other things :wink:

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Thanks! sounds reasonable.