Digitakt Midi x 3 synths

I have the Digitakt hooked up and only able to control one synth and tried the midi channel options to my 2 other synths. Do I need to select a certain option in the midi menu?

Assigned the midi channel output on synth A (channel1) - synth B (channel2) - synth C (channel 3) as a test but still not working.

Just checking, you need to assign each synths MIDI input channel to match that chosen for each Digitakt MIDI track.

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you need to go to the SRC-menu of each MIDI-track to set the output channel (and of course the corresponding channels on your synths A-C)

In the MIDI-Menu you decide which output ports were to be used.

Thanks, I did that - do I need an extra midi box to control it all? So I have the Digitakt out (A) going in to the DSI OB-6 - then the out of OB6 to in of the PolySix and Thru to the MonoPoly.

p.s I’m new to midi setup


no, you do not need any further devices,
but the chain from DT must run over OB6’s MIDI thru.


Think of MIDI thru like a bypass for your synth. It sends out via the Thru port what is received in the In port. So…

DT (OUT) -> (IN)Synth 1(Thru) -> (IN)Synth 2(Thru) -> (IN)Synth 3

If a synth doesn’t have a Thru port then you need to get a MIDI router or a MIDI thru box.

Thanks again - I just set up the Digitakt as Ghostly specced, still no joy with the midi signal going to synth 2 + synth 3.
One synth has a midipoly retro fitted and the other a kiwisix, this could be the problem with the handshake with the digitakt maybe?

I will need a midi pass thru box, both the retro midi synths don’t have a Thru.

Grab a midi splitter box , quite cheap and very handy.

1 in 3 out would be fine and allow options if you buy more things.

Plenty of scope for expansion here:

And here’s some bedtime reading:


Which MIDI channel numbers have you set on the three synths?


  • OB6 controlled fine via Midi in - MonoPoly controlled fine by using the pass Thru from OB6 - PolySix no joy using midi out from OB6. Will I need a pass thru box now?

Almost getting there!

OB6 chan 1 - PolySix chan 2 - MonoPoly chan 3

and the corresponding same on the Digitakt, test purpose used input 9, 10 & 11


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Yes. The MIDI Out from the OB-6 does not re-transmit what arrives at its MIDI In port.



Thanks again.

I also recommend getting a MIDI thru box. Get one with at least four ports (even more is not a bad idea), as there are so many MIDI instruments & modules these days that do not have a proper MIDI THRU port.

How is this for a Midi Thru?

Kenton THRU5 MIDI Thru Box

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There are no routing possibilites in a Thru-box so you always have to decide which port to multiply. If your setup changed a thrubox soon reaches its limits. If you needed flexibility I would think about a Motu or an iConnectivity.

How about this one?

Iconnectivity iConnect MIDI4+

Perfect for MIDI, but do you need an audio interfce as well?