Digitakt Mixing

I feel as if whenever I listen to my Digitakt straight from the source the audio is crisp and loud, but when I plug it into Ableton or just record it from the Overbridge recorder the audio is mixed lower. Can somebody please help me with mixing tips

How do you get the audio from DT into your computer?

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I’m not sure if this is what you mean, but I believe there is headroom accounted for in the Overbridge levels. Also, you might take a look here:


Thank you I’ll check it out

I use the usb to Overbridge

if you want to hear the impact of good headroom drop the master fader to -23dB and turn your headphones up. You can hear a lot of extra things in your mix.

Before I throw my ableton mix into external gear my master fader is at that level. If I want to really drive my master hard I have to drop the fader to -30dB even.

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