Digitakt multitrack

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Long time lurker first time poster. I have seen this question being posted before but doesn’t seem to give the answer I am looking for. I love using my digitakt and multi track recording via USB in overbridge however it is a little bit annoying with work flow to have to use the digitakt as my audio interface selected in my DAW. I’m not particularly technical but is there any other way to multi track record without having to use it as a USB audio interface?

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My understanding is you don’t need to be using the DT as a soundcard to access it’s separate tracks, it works alongside your soundcard.


You need Overbridge.
Just install software, plugin and driver, connect your Digitakt via usb, open the plugin in your daw and use. Plugin is multichannel, but it depends on your DAW how to use separate tracks.

upd. Misread the post. You already use overbridge. You don’t need use Digitakt as an audio interface. You should use the plugin.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, so just plug in via usb and I can have my focusrite as audio interface and use overbridge plug in and it will multi track record? :slight_smile:

Edit: Thank you so much figured it out this is such a life saver thank you!

Yes. Overbridge plugin with Digitakt offers 9 channels in your DAW, master and separate tracks. In most DAWs only master channel is enabled by default. You have to enable other channels manually.
Be aware that the separate channels are dry. DT effects are applied only on the master channel.