Digitakt noise on direct record

Hi there. First post. Probably the best place for advice… My Digitakt sample recorder is recording a maximum noise level even with both inputs disengaged. It hasn’t behaved like this before. And I can’t sample anything. I am just receiving noise at a maximum level. Any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks in advance. J

If you record “nothing”, it will still normalize the sample. If there is no signal, this means it normalizes the noise floor of the inputs -> noise only.

Do you also have this when you do have a signal from the inputs?

Thanks. I’m receiving a maximum noise input on every selection – L, R, L+R and the main L and R with no sound in? Urgh.

What do you have connected to the inputs of the DT and are you able to monitor that?


With no input selected I receive maximum noise – the level is peaking, with inputs disengaged I get peak noise also – no other sound. Thanks for your help with this.

If you go to the external mixer:


And adjust the volume of the inputs, is it still only noise you hear? Or do you hear what you suppose to hear? (And what device do you have connected to the DT?)

Cheers. Looks like its OK. The input from the Mackie mixer tape out wasn’t engaged and it seems the Digitakt default record in – with nothing on the input – is a whole world of noise. Once a decent signal level is received it records OK. Panic over. Thanks again. J


This is because the DT automatic normalizes the sample. If there isn’t a signal, it will normalize the signal captured at -100db or so (the noise floor).

Those noise samples are great creative sources though :slightly_smiling_face:

Good to hear the DT works as it should, have fun sampling! :+1:

Great hats and snare hits! I’m still working this out. Thanks again.