Digitakt not found - random drop outs in connectivity?

I’m trying to get my workflow setup using DT, AH, push 2, Ableton. I have a focusrite scarlett 4i4 3rd gen.

I also have the official elektron overhub too, point being, this should not be down to dodgy USB hubs.

Connected to a healthy charger.


I’m getting so many things constantly dropping out, it’s driving me insane.

If it’s not the scarlett, it’s the digitakt.

Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening? Or is this just a thing you have to live with?

I would love to know whats causing the drop outs but it’s so hard to isolate my actions to a specific point.

Any tips, shared frustrations and so on welcome.

Like see here. I unplugged the DT. I connected it. back saying “Digitakt”
Then I come back to Live, nothing works. Open the AU.

Please select Device!

Mega eye roll.

Last thing I’ll add, this is not an ableton thing, it’s the same message on the stand alone DT app.

I also can see the DT in the Elektron Engine

Sorry to pile it on here, but now i jacked up the AH to the KD send and low and behold

Please select device!"

What am i not getting here, surely this is an unworkable scenario?!

I’m on a slightly older mac, specs below because my MBP touch bar is on big sur so I can’t use it with OB2. Is that it? slow hardware? It’s so frustrating.