Digitakt off with ot song mode

Has anyone found a way to sync these two in song mode? OT rob Digitakt such a bummer killing me right now trying to make my life a little easier for upcoming gig

Same should apply to slaving DT to OT song mode. In OT MIDI sync settings turn on transport send, sync send and PCh send. Then program corresponding patterns on both machines. Should work in theory.

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They don’t Digitakt has major latency

I have the same issue. Digitakt doesn’t change until the next time around the loop. Sometimes the start point is really off and I have to press stop and play to get them back on time. MIDI clock seems fine but pattern changes are very delayed. Hope this gets fixed ASAP.

While I want my Octatrack to be master and the Digitakt slave because of the arranger, the only way it stays in sync is to make Digitakt master and Octatrack slave :confused:

such a bummer dying to have this fixed I really hope it happens in the next week gah

I have been looking for this thread as my interest in the Digitakt was based on me being able to slave it to the Octatrack like the Rytm and A4, but had just heard rumour of a very large latency gap, you would think something like a much tighter MIDI sync would be standard for the company as it works just fine with the other units.

It’s crazy not sure how it’s gone so long without a fix

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It seems like it’s going to coincide with Overbridge unfortunately in February sometime.

I wish this update would come

As Elektron has started to hold back updates due to Overbridge “coming”, I hope Overbridge is really around the corner …

Bet that stings

Edit: strike that, fixed today apparently OS Updates! Rytm MKII 1.40C, Digitakt 1.07, Digitone 1.02


dying right now i’m 100% happy now lol

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