Digitakt on car outlet?

Digitakt runs on 12v DC 1A. Car outlet is 12v something something. You reckon you could use the DT in the car (as a passager obvs) with some sort of adapter?? Going on a pretty long drive soon.

Don’t digitakt and drive!


No, obviously that is a bad idea. But as I stated in my post the intention was to use it as a passenger in the back.
One could even hook it up to the car stereo aux-in and make beats for everyone to enjoy… or not enjoy ^^

buy a portable battery 12V

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That exists? Like I know about smartphone batteri packs that the kids use for Pokémon Go, but that wouldn’t have enough output.
Maybe this would work:

I hope it’s not an electric car :smiley:

I’d try a pure wine wave inverter. A bit more expensive than a DC plug, but has the advantage of running/charging a whole range of things.

Certain car electronics can have sizable power requirements, so I’m fairly certain powering a digitakt via the lighter plug is possible. It all depends on how much current is going to the socket. I’ve run one of those tire air compressors off the socket and those require 10 amps (!), so you should be good to run a digitakt, assuming you have a plug that works.

Don’t see why this wouldn’t work as long as the polarity is correct.

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for any fried DTs :stuck_out_tongue:

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