Digitakt or Octatrack for Master Clock

I am hearing conflicting info on whether to use Digitakt or Octatrack for Master Clock.


Either. I’ve never heard any different. The OT has midi arps, which make everything amazing, so that as master always seems the best for me. OT is master of all in my situation.

What is the conflict exactly?

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Don’t slave the OT if you’re live sampling in it.


I had heard to do live sampling, use OT as Master Clock. Other people use DT, so not sure why they would do that. I am going to use OT main clock

Using OT to send clock/transport to DT and DN. In that case, tempo varies on both units. If say tempo is set to 120 on OT, then sometimes DT and DN fluctuate between 119.9/120.1, nothing dramatic.
Though when using DT or DN to send clock/transport to OT, no fluctuation reflected on OT.
Maybe this is due to OT display resolution of tempo. Although you can get xxx.x type of tempo on OT.

That’s because the OT is an already grown up guy who won’t bother his surroundings with updates about micro fluctuations (which are a common trademark of midi) until there is a constant deviation for a “longer” period of time. It’s just the youngster devices who think all hell breaks loose immediately and everyone should know it … :wink:


No hesitation for me : OT master, unless you don’t record/play synced loops, and use one shots only…

Simple test with one bar recording at 120 bpm with OT master : its length is 88 200 samples. If slaved, this length vary.
It can be problematic, especially if the recording is too short: clicks.



Hahaha. Was not expecting this.

That is the way I have had it.
Was just experimenting the other way round but OT is too convenient in terms of sequencing MIDI and Arp.

Interesting. How much the length could vary?

Can’t tell exactly, but enough to have a significant drift when playing a looped recording…

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