Digitakt Organising samples, sounds frustration

Ok so it is realy frustrating not to be able to orgenise the sounds and samples outside of the Digitakt. it is really annoying.
it feels like Electron have got out the Digitakt in a pre pre beta version.
I am lost.

Hmm i believe its not that bad. You need to just get out your sletchbook and visualize things, make a framework to build on.

For example every new sound I create goes into bank A. From there it gets sorted into bank B-H. Bank B is for kicks, C for low perc, D for mid perc etc etc.

This way I always know where to find my sounds.

As for samples I agree, deleting is a pain i could do without. As for organizing, i organize everything on my computer and drag the folders into sample transfer. It simply copies the folder structure.


I understand and appreciate what you say yet i expect much more from Elektron , at least some kind of an external editor or the ability to go directly to the folders, like in the OT.
I hope they will have some solution in the near future.

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I agree its a pain - upload a few directories of sounds - and they go into a transfer folder - but you can’t move those directories up a level PITA.

I have nothing to back this up with, however I suspect (hope) that this will be addressed.

That’s not of any use now of course, however with what they’ve done with the previous boxes, and the subsequent updates, I have faith that this will go the same way.

My biggest annoyance is the inability to actually delete samples… You can physically delete them, but not in a manner which is safe and doesn’t alter projects… Pretty stupid they did not put this in in the first place. Can’t imagine anyone working with this in a serious manner who doesn’t need to delete samples and organize stuff


That is annoying, but you can just create some new folders in the main directory, copy+paste the samples into there and then delete those transfer folders.

You can click on the folder name in the Transfer app interface to set the name of the folder it creates. (Is that what you’re talking about? The transfer-2017xxx folders?)

Thats not my issue, my issue is that I copied a lot of things and the device is close to full (also why can’t I see how full…Another issue).

Once you copy something on the Digitakt, you can never be sure if it’s used anywhere unless you manually check each project… Super limiting and I stopped using the Digitakt temporarly because waiting for Overbridge because hopefully they add SOME form of sample management.


I was replying to @keredsenoj about the transfer folders… but yeah would be great to see how much space is left on the Digitakt and Rytm.

I’m hoping for something better soon as well. If they give us a good sample/project management app, I’d like to archive all of my old projects and then start from scratch, with a better organized approach.


everytime ive come to terms with something annoying about the digitakt and decide to move past it and accept it, i fall face first into another obnoxious issue.

sample management is intolerable


I’ve already written the app - we are all just waiting for firmware that supports project transfer:


Nice concept, can it check which samples are used in which project somehow?

Later on in that thread there is a video where I show I have figured out how to get the +Drive sample folder structure from the DT. With that I’ll be able to show you a +Drive view with the samples used in a project hilighted, but I haven’t built this view yet. Getting it to show which +Drive samples aren’t in any project might be harder - since it will have to load and process all project data at once…

i’m not understanding this concept. If a sample gets deleted i would expect it to be quite destructive and alter every project that sample is connected to. If the sample is no longer on the machine how can one expect to have access to it. Maybe you could elaborate a bit on what you mean?

I want to know which samples are used, I’m fine with delete protection, which doesn’t exist at the moment. You can lock a project it only prevents the project from being deleted. So you can “alter” a project from the outside by deleting samples (most likely accidentally). This is a huge red flag for me that they didn’t think this whole thing through.