Digitakt Overbridge 2 in/ 2 out stereo monitoring?

Hello Nauts,

I have been reading threads for the last week and have read both the digitakt manual and Overbridge 2.0 manual. I have heard some conflicting info in the posts i have found and know this is kind of a niche question.

When using the Digitakt as a 2/2 interface thru Overbidge 2.0, is the usb input monitoring in stereo? I know when you sample usb to digitakt the audio is summed to mono, but say I want cpu>digitakt>SP-555. Will the audio signal still be stereo by the time it gets to the SP? That way I could use the digitakt as my interface and not have to worry about disconnecting my chain when I wanna sample to the 555.

Thank you for all your help in advance. This is such an awesome community. Been able to learn so much just by lurking for the last couple years.


I tried a/b ing and I am hearing some panning in my cans, but it might be from two seperate mono channels narrowing the stereo field.

The DT can use stereo IN and OUT with overbridge. You can use it as usb soundcard and play stereo sample from you computer to the stereo analog out, and you can play music and record it to the computer in stereo to the analog in.
but without overbridge, as you said, you can only sample in mono in the dt.


Aww Yeahh! :cowboy_hat_face:

Thank you for your quick reply Blaize!

This makes my chain/setup so much more fluid. No more fussing with switching out inputs just to sample from my music library. Also allows me to monitor the digitakt while searching for samples allowing me to match tempos before I record on to my sp-555.

Now Its a simple switch in my mac settings to go from Sampling CPU>Digitakt>SP-555>SP-303> Monitors or recording Digitakt>SP-555>SP-303>Sapphire Firewire Pro24 without touching any cords!

Anybody else using your digitakt as a soundcard in this fashion?


No exactly but same idea: CPU > DT > AH > SP 303 for sampling drums from DT or melodies from computer, then SP303 > DT for record the track
DT and SP work very well together.

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Anywhere to check out your tunes? I am thinking about replacing my sp 303 at the end of my chain with the Analog heat. Mainly thinking about using the saturation setting with the envelope to create pseudo sp-303 vinyl sim and get the benefit of using the the distortion types for sound design.

I’m making some shit track only for the entertainment and for myself so I don’t upload them on internet. I’m making Hip Hop / boom bap / lofi and the Analog Heat with Saturation work very well.
I think you should keep the sp303, you will never emulate the sound of the 303 on the AH. It’s a different color. Having both is a good, AH can be used with extreme values to processes single shot drum and then sample back to the DT or the SP, or you can use on the final mix with fine saturation and a bit of low pass to make this warm sound of lofi.
But, keep you SP303, it will miss you if you loved it at a time and now resell it.

Hi im new to OB2. In standalone mode, after i captured my tracks how can i play my captured tracks?

The standalone app just create a WAV file on your computer. Check your record path at bottom and go find the file to listen it :slight_smile:

Hello i can find it inside my ableton, but the gain is lower than any ableton samples

Yes it’s a known issue. The recording volume is very low, you have to normalize it.

How to record our own patterns from DT to Ableton live 10?

I don’t use ableton so I don’t know

I am really late to the party here, but it seems that Digitakt monitors input in stereo when using Overbridge. Which adds to my firmware update wishlist:

  1. scroll/zoom on SRC waveform view
  2. pattern chain saving
  3. standalone stereo input monitoring
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