Digitakt + Overbridge + Ableton Live 10


I just haven’t been able to get this to work, and it’s driving me nuts. I am currently using Overbridge 2.0 with the latest DT firmware while I see there is input in Ableton when I press a trig key on the DT, the pattern I have set doesn’t play in Ableton (no input shown or audio), and there is no audio for individual trigs or for the pattern. I’ve been trying to get this working for over a week and it’s kind of driving me nuts, so any help would be really appreciated.

Edit: After re-installing Overbridge and rewatching @DaveMech 's tutorial, I’m finding I can now hear audio from the trigs In Ableton, but nothing that plays through the DT actually records. I’m happy to see some progress, but honestly this has been a dispiriting experience

Can you try explain it a bit more ?
When you press a trig what input do you see audio or midi?
Only channels 9-16 send midi…
“The pattern you have set doesn’t play in ableton ”do you mean audio is not heard ?
Have you set up individual audio channels receiving audio from the digitakt vst with monitoring set to in?

There are tutorials by Dave Mech on YT.

Ive done some setup for live and DT and DN https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aaY3GSDY5L031yf_N29MWWftd5AUgWth/view?usp=sharing


Wow Big thanks for this !!!
Any chance to watch how did you create this template ?
Excellent job !

Here is an update since there was some problems with the overbridge after the firmware update

This has also been midi mapped for Ableton Push so you can also control overbridge via Push https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aaY3GSDY5L031yf_N29MWWftd5AUgWth/view?usp=sharing


here is an

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Awesome !!!

Wow bro thanks! Looked everywhere.
Mind me asking; what can I safely remove for Digitakt & synth only?

Here’s a DT Template for the Audio Tracks :

In the Digitakt Settings > Audio Routing : all the Tracks (1 to 8) should be red. This way, you won’t send the Tracks to the Master Output, only the Tracks FX.


Managed to work that out.
2 questions, sorry:

  1. What purpose do the midi tracks serve? Can I record midi notes? Doesnt do much when recording
  2. How do I export? If I just want 1 song, I tried master but it was empty.

Thanks a lot bro!

To play, record and sequence Soft Synths.

In this example, you can record a sequence in the DT or in the DAW or only play it with the DT’s Keyboard.


ah yes! So basically like you would use an Midi Keyboard. I can drag a VST into the Midi Track and play the sounds via the Digitakt Chromatic mode.

Bro, thank you so much. I probably messed up by monitoring the master as well; causing it to double up.
I ensured the 8 tracks were red. Now I can record, add FX and just export the master right?

thanks for the screenshots.

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Hi Tchu, First thank you so much for this great template! I have a Q for you and hope that it’s just a newb Q. With your template, I can hear each track from my Digitakt in Ableton. But when I play the pattern (Press record in Ableton), the signals aren’t registering, no audio. Any ideas?

In your DAW, have you enabled the Rec button of each Track you want to Record?

Yes. All tracks armed for DT. Using same configs from preferences also. Only diff is that I switched to the DT audio interface to see if that would work. It’s not atm. All tracks register when I trigger them on the DT, I hear it in Ableton, see feedback. It doesn’t register audio when I play a pattern.

Quick update: Just tried a test by loading a preset pattern. That works just fine and all tracks are recording. Yay!
So now… I’m guessing that it’s likely a setting on my DT where I have to enable for my project so midi/audio passes through to Ableton? It is in Overbridge mode. Any ideas?

BTW, thanks for such a speedy resonse!!