Digitakt Overbridge + External Controllers + Ableton = Weirdness?

I am having some really strange behavior with the Digitakt.

I want to multi-track record performances / performance mixing the Digitakt into Ableton. So I have Overbridge running in Ableton with individual channels in Ableton receiving each individual Digitakt channel.

The LauchControl XL is mapped to the Digitakt, and I am using the Launchpad Mini MK3 to trigger dummy / automation clips per Digitakt Channel.

The really weird thing is – I’ve got knobs on the XL mapped to Digitakt effects, and yet while I turn them up and visually it’s showing full delay on for a channel, the delay isn’t heard. Nothing has changed on the delay settings page - feedback, width, everything is still where it originally was.

It is almost as if a global bypass on effects has been activated… but I can’t seem to find any setting for this in Overbridge or the unit.

I’ve tried all types of troubleshooting like removing the Launchpad, restarting everything, etc. At times I lose all sound altogether, even though track, sample, and amp levels are up and nothing is muted. Is it me or is the Digitakt just weird / unstable?

Anybody experience anything similar and is there a fix for the general instability, or a fix for the missing effects specifically?

Thank you!

You sure you have receive CCs turned on?

Let me add that it is receiving volume and overdrive over midi. When I move the fader (vol) and turn the knob (overdrive) on the controller, the mapped parameters move on the screen. With the effects, the same thing happens - delay visual onscreen moves as if the delay is activated. Also when I activate / raise the delay send using the Digitakt itself, the same thing happens – no delay.

Yes - I found the setting, it is set to receive CC’s. I was confused for a moment with the Midi pages and changing the knobs mapping etc., but that is for something different I haven’t tried yet (controlling external gear with Digitakt).

But yes, it is receiving CCs.

I found this thread

Which helped me figure out a workaround. Basically, in Settings > Audio Routing I turned off tracks “Red” to allow for effects to be out L+R only. Now I’m recording the effects separately in Ableton. This should solve the problem for me…

Thanks everyone!

You have to create an Audio Track for the DT’s Send FX.

Audio from : Digitakt, Post FX.

Remember that all the DT Tracks FX will be recorded on the same Track unless you record them individually.