Digitakt page button

Hello guys! Maybe you can help me here: I´m placing trigs in GRID MODE, while switching through the 4 different pages by pressing the PAGE BUTTON…!

My question: Is there a way to start the pattern from the beginning of the current bar?

For example: I´m editing trigs in bar #4 and press PLAY to listen what I did - but the pattern always starts from bar#1 and I have to “wait” until bar#4 is playing…

Is there a button combo or short cut to only play the current bar?
Got the Digitakt some weeks ago and I love it!

That‘s not possible, but you can hold down your trigger and hit YES to instantly hear what you did.


copy the page to an empty pattern is the only workaround - nudging the pattern 16 steps to the right and shortening to 16 steps is too much of a faff to get the same effect


Oh I see…ok…!! Thx for the quick answer…!!!