Digitakt Pattern Change via MIDI in FL studio

I know some variation of this question has been asked a bunch of times, but I’ve read the manual and the forum posts and I still can’t figure this out. I have done the following things:

  • enabled USB/MIDI from the Settings menu
  • enabled PRG CH RECEIVE from the Sync menu
  • set PROGRAM CHG IN CH to 16 in the Channels menu

I have Overbridge installed, but do I actually need to use it switch the pattern via MIDI?

I’m attempting to use the Midi out plug-in in FL studio send the notes to the Digitakt (which should then switch the pattern). I tried setting the port number of the Midi out plugin to 16 in FL, but it’s not working. Is the channel number (as referenced in the DG manual) the same as the port number (on the MIDI out plugin in FL)? I think my issue is sending the MIDI out from FL studio since I followed all the directions in the Digitakt manual. Any help is appreciated, and sorry for re-asking a common question!

You can send midi notes on the lowest octave to the overbridge plugin on channel 16
to change patterns without using midi

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Thank you, but I’m still unclear what that means. Midi notes from the midi out plugin in FL? How do I set Overbridge to Channel 16? The overbridge plugin just has a keyboard that just plays the selected sample at different pitches. I feel like I’m missing something very basic.

Nevermind just figured it out. Thanks


If you have any more questions 're FL and OB I’m at my computer now…

You can ( through the use of midi channels send midi to OB by opening a port in the OB plugin…and also trigger the 8 midi channels by enabling the DT as a midi device. Then you can enter note data on seperate channels and use the OB plug-in to tweak parameters…