Digitakt pattern change with Ableton Live

How can I change Digitone/Digitakt patterns with Ableton Live?
The Digitone/Digitakt and Live settings are fine ( I hope).
Digitone/Digitakt receive midi cc/pc from usb/midi.
Digitakt receives midi pc signal on channel 6, if midi, but now USB.
In Ableton: Digitone/Digitakt midi out: track, sync, remote active. Midi clock type: pattern.
Overbirde Digitakt vsti on a midi channel.
I made a blank midi clip, set “pgm”, but if I play it, Digitakt does not respond.
I tried to change Bank / Sub, but it still doesn’t respond.

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Hi, I also need to send pattern changes to DT from Live 10. You’re a few steps ahead of me on the Live side. I have 4 patterns on DT that I need to sync with my Live tracks. I’ll post my findings, good or bad when I know something conclusive.
Peace & Joy

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Hi, did you find any useful info?

Hi, Imho, sending midi program and pattern changes to a running DT sequencer from Live session clips is not the way to go, if timing and sync matters to your project. The DT sequencer does play nice going the other way, that is, sending midi to Live tracks or any other device.

Read the overbridge manual. send a midi note to channel 16 of the VST not the Device. and it will cue a pattern change just like you hit the buttons on the front panel. I believe it starts at c0? double check the overbridge manual and experiment.

Thank you for this… I will add this to r&d list

when sharing info that we’ve found, it would be advantageous to followers if we also shared the page number or other bread crumbs in order to follow us down the rabbit holes… time is very expensive, right?

Okay found it…
You can send MIDI notes to the plugin on MIDI channel 16 to request pattern changes on the Elektron de- vice. Like SONG POSITION sync, this works in a best effort manner. The sequencer will change to the new pattern after the current pattern has played through to the end.
MIDI note 0 = Pattern 1 MIDI note 1 = Pattern 2 MIDI note 2 = Pattern 3 …
MIDI note 15 = Pattern 16

Of course, the real question is, how early do you need to send the pattern change, will DT obey and will DT be on the one?

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