Digitakt playback slowing over time

Hey guys, has anyone else had an issue with playback from their Digitakt slowing down over time when using it with Logic? I have a feeling this could be more of an issue with my laptop CPU but I’m wondering if this is a common issue at all. I’m using USB + the Digitakt Overbridge plugin to sync playback and recording into Logic, and this setup works well generally. However, sometimes once I’ve created an extra 6-10 tracks in Logic using software instruments and audio samples, then playback from my Digitakt starts to slow down after 4 bars or so… If I restart playback, then the sync is reset and sounds perfect, but again after 4 bars this starts to get thrown off as the Digitakt sounds lag behind.

I’ve experimented with the Sync settings on Digitakt (on / off) but I’ve not been able to improve this at all. Which leads me to believe it is just a laptop CPU issue, as I think it’s the extra tracks in Logic (with plugins) that cause the playback to slow… it’s just strange that the Digitakt gets thrown off while the rest of my Logic playback is in time.

Any help would be enormously appreciated! If it is a CPU issue then I’m sure I can manage by recording most of my Digitakt sounds into Logic first, and building my tracks from there. Thanks guys :pray: