Digitakt Prophet 6 help!

Ok I swear this was working fine for months now every time I select a preset on the prophet 6 it changes banks on the digitakt which of course takes me to some other preset where nothing works because it’s not setup! Ugh. I have two synths going into the dkt, one rack and then the prophet 6 which is also my co troller. I used to have the first synth on channel 2 and the p6 on auto channel 14, I could change preset one the rack synth fine now but when I change presets on the prophet 6 it changes the digitakt!?

Turn off program change receive on the dt?


If I do that then I can’t change the preset on the prophet 6 anymore. I don’t want to do it through the digitakt’s little screen, I used
To be able to use all the buttons on the p6 and change presets without it changing anything on the digitakt. Like I just want the midi notes but if I turn off send and receive or either them the p6 doesn’t respond to its own button preset (except notes, they work)

How would turning off program change receive on the dt prevent you from changing presets on the p6? That is just not computing and needs a bit more explaining. It’s best elaborate more on your setting and cable routing.

Yeah it doesn’t make sense! I’m assuming it’s because the dkt is controlling the prophet? Local control is off on the synth so I don’t get a loop or whatever it’s called. I gots dkt out to p6 in, p6 out back to dkt, p6 thru to rack synth. P6 on auto channel 14.

Switch the Prophet-6 local control ON.

On the Prophet-6?
On the Prophet-6 switch “parameter receive” and “parameter xmit” to OFF.

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Ok turned them both off and although the p6 looks like it’s switching it switches the dkt also to a different patch which then doesn’t have the right channels setup anymore so I can’t hear anything.

As @jefones says, in Settings->MIDI Config -> Sync on the DT, make sure Prog Ch Receive is not checked.