Digitakt: Remove trigger, but keep p-locks

Hi there, elektron newbie here, loving the digitakt. I cannot find how to remove triggers bug keep the p-locks.
So for instance I lay down a hi hat pattern and play around with the pitch and record that. Now i want to experiment removing trigs and adding them back. But when i remove a trig, the p-lock is reset so i have to adjust the p-lock adjustment manually again.
Is there a way i can turn a trig on and off, but keep the parameter changes i made on that step? In my cirklon i can turn steps on and off, but all parameter changes (like velocity, step length etc) for that step remain so i can freely experiment.
I hope i make myself clear. I’m a little inexperienced in the elektron jargon.

Oh and i did find a workaround, but it is cumbersome. Copying the trig and pasting it back

Function + Trig will set trigless mode on a given trig.


Yeap this, and pressing the trig again will create a trig with the same settings :slight_smile:


yes that’s it. Even more versatile then the cirklon in some ways. :+1: thanks!!

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Ok i have been using this quite often now, but i must say it’s pretty counter intuitive to me. Mainly because the toggling of the step on and off has to be done with and without shift. If you forget to press shift when you set it to trigless or if you forget to leave shift to turn on again… wham… you lose all your p-locks… arrrrg really frustrating… I would prefer for it to keep the p-locks setting, just that they are ‘muted’ when the step is off, active when the step is trigless and active and triggering when the step is on. Or am i missing something here

It’s kind of a workaround.
On the analogs we have trig mutes which are a separate kind of trig that we place “over” other trigs to mute them, either per track or affecting every track. We just enter or remove these per step to mute or unmute certain trigs, you can’t mess up the actual trig settings because they are a separate thing.
The DT does not have this feature so your using a workaround that is not as streamlined…

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Keep practicing it. Just a matter of getting the muscle memory for it.

And you can always reload the pattern with func+no if you make a mistake :slight_smile: